Friday, April 07, 2017

Wordsworth and faith …

… Informal Inquiries: "The Child is father of the Man" -- William Wordsworth.

I guess that the child I was has proved to be the father of the man I am, but the lines of Wordsworth that have most affected me are from "Tintern Abbey":

…And I have felt 
A presence that disturbs me with the joy 
Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime 
Of something far more deeply interfused, 
Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, 
And the round ocean and the living air, 
And the blue sky, and in the mind of man: 
A motion and a spirit, that impels 
All thinking things, all objects of all thought, 
And rolls through all things. 

But then, I am a cradle Catholic, taught by unusually enlightened priests and nuns, whose message was mostly to be good and kind and trust in God's mercy.

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