Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Not what you think …

… Cli-Fi.Net -- (the world's largest online 'Cli-Fi' portal for Cli-Fi, a subgenre of sci-fi): ''Cli-Fi or Die!''.
I still think the Cli-Fi novel everyone shoukd read is Michael Crichton's State of Fear. Here is my review of it. Here is an excerpt from the review:
If you've had the misfortune of reading The Da Vinci Code, you owe it to yourself to read State of Fear and see how a real pro writes a thriller. Compared with Dan Brown's pedestrian prose, stick-figure characters, and threadbare plot, Crichton's book is downright Shakespearean.
It's long, too, and transparently didactic. There are charts and graphs, footnotes, a couple of appendices, and a 21-page bibliography. Kenner takes up a lot of pages rebutting environmentalist propaganda. Fortunately, Crichton - a graduate of Harvard Medical School who was once a fellow at the Salk Institute - is very good at explaining science, so this proves a pleasant way of learning a lot worth knowing. He certainly puts his cards on the table and points you to where you can check out his claims.
My thanks to Dave Lull for helping with getting that link back.

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