Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Trump and...

...Negative piety
Last fall, I signed a letter in support of Trump for president. Some of my friends were appalled; others thought such a public endorsement unwise. These were not unreasonable reactions. Today’s populism has a revolutionary character, and revolutions are perilous. But I was and remain convinced that we cannot live in metaphysical poverty. We need to be empowered by loyalties and devotions that stir our hearts. Populism may be dangerous, but it reflects the correct intuition that my country and my citizenship cannot be bought and sold, nor can it be subordinated to institutions and agencies devoted solely to the protection and promotion of individual rights.

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  1. 'My intuition is that the postwar era is ending.'

    His intuition? Where has he been? This has been obvious for a good while now. An altogether say-little piece dressed up as profundity ('...revolutions are perilous.' Oh really? Gah!)