Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Prophetic television …

 “Who is Number One?” asks “The Prisoner” 50 years later - Salon.com. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

… one crucial thing The Prisoner” reminds us of is that the only chance we might have, collectively, is going to be based on how strong we are individually. It’s that idea that is, in a certain sense, the Village’s undoing, even as it comes close to breaking Number Six. Think of how many people you know who talk the same way, use the same exact phrases (“at the end of the day”), like the same TV shows, cite their fondness for Netflix, virtue signal their existences away in public forms, but screw you over privately, and on and on.
There are still individuals around, but I think they tend to be thought of as cranks or amiable eccentrics.

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  1. Patrick McGoohan, one of my favorite actors - I was a huge fan of his 1960s TV series, "Secret Agent" ("Danger Man" in the UK) and "The Prisoner" - was a notorious crank. That's why I liked him and his shows.