Sunday, November 05, 2017

Hmm …

Cli-Fi.Net -- the world's largest online 'Cli-Fi' portal for Cli-Fi: When Bill McKibben writes a debut comic cli-fi caper novel with a "resistance" theme, the knives comes out from the rightwing climate denialist attack dogs who will say the novel is a waste of paper and the that the cross-country book promotion PR tour in November will be just another example of an elitist VIP.

Well, gee. I happen to be skeptical of global warming (as was the late Michael Crichton, who certainly had the science chops). But I am hardly a “climate denier.” I certainly think that there is something called climate, and that planet earth has a few climates and the weather that accompanies same. The very use of such a term as “climate denial” should signal that those using the term are engaged in propaganda, not science. Which I think is true of Bill McKibben.

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