Saturday, November 04, 2017

Smooth operator …

… The Sins of Leon Wieseltier | The Weekly Standard.

After his years at Harvard, a school useful above all for making connections, Leon had acquired a job at the New Republic, a liberal weekly that had not long before been bought by a man named Martin Peretz, a wealthy, part-time instructor at Harvard. During his early days on the magazine, Leon published a longish piece there on, of all things, nuclear war. Nothing very distinguished about it, either, the thought of taking him seriously on such a large subject was in fact slightly gigglesome, but it suggested to me that young Leon, with all the possibilities open to him, the good student with superior tuchus-lecking skills, was considering that of becoming our next Henry Kissinger. I subsequently learned he was aiming higher.

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  1. Ouch. I have to say that when such goings on were revealed at The New Republic, I wondered whether H & R Block would be next. TNR has always struck me as nearer a depressant than a stimulant.