Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Rus Bowden writes in the comments in a post below about how racism is not over, 
from personal experience, 
and I wanted to repeat some of his comments here:
Since being with Mary, it's like entering the twilight zone of racism. She gets treated unfairly negatively more than any white friend I have had. When at a store and it happens, you wonder, is that person mean to everyone, or just black people. When it happens at a hospital, you have to ask yourself, does that doctor disrespect all his patients, or just black ones.
Mary & I came back from California to be picked up at Logan Airport. Her African/Indian/Japanese/Irish-American son who looks Negroid black came with his lighter, maybe even passable 7-year-old son to pick us up. (White people need to be more careful with racist talk, never know when there’s a mixed family member around, or even a passable black. Is that down or up?) Anyway, a state trooper who was having trouble with traffic, mostly from a carload of white young ladies in confusion mode, laid into him as soon as he pulled up, yelling at this respectable dark-skinned high school teacher with his son in the car, to not go toward his Negro black mother to pick her up. His hand was on his holster and he yelled more when Mary's son went to put his seat belt back on, as if he did not immediately obey his command. This was getting dangerous. I stepped in and started yelling at the cop, in a way a black man cannot. I was outraged and hurt – harsh, dangerous racism leveled at one I love right in front of me – but created such a diversion that, with seat belt fastened, he went down the pick up area, away from the racist cop. 
Whether up or down, we need to have zero racist cops. How do we get them out. What is in our system that does not weed them out before they kill somebody or act racistly in how they investigate and interact with the public? 
Now that I am on the circling house of mirrors of racism, I can only be shocked at arguments that tend toward everything being racially copacetic. It's not. The way to “step off” as if it is a treadmill, is to move to a white zone somewhere. You can see how the idea of “stepping off” is in itself racist.

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