Monday, June 04, 2018

Entitled to your opinion …

… if it agrees with their opinion:  Blocked and ‘Shadow Banned’ a Pro-Life Film About Roe v. Wade, Producers Allege. Alveda King, Niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., Backed the Project

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  1. It'll be interesting to see how the film comes out, and then what becomes of the ideas.

    No matter where you choose to mark when a fetus or infant becomes human, any time past that becomes murderous. Some say conception, the doctor changed his mind when the fetus in the womb looked so human, some say partial birth abortion is fine, as there is the idea that you cannot be considered human until you are socialized, and then there are the moms who kill their infants.

    It seems to me, we need a Constitutional Amendment that defines when life is, if it is going to be before birth, a definition that Iowa recently said was the heartbeat. This, of course, is horrific for those who believe there is human life at conception, and grossly unfair to pregnant women who believe that just a heartbeat indicating life is a lie, that it just indicates blood pumping.

    Let's say. fr the sake of picking something, that the Constitution goes the way of Iowa, that it protects the lives of anyone who has a heartbeat in the womb. There then seems that we would have a social responsibility to ensure the very best prenatal care for mom and baby. But a girl charged with murder for aborting her heart-beating fetus, what should be her penalty, the gallows outside the courthouse, many years in jail, any other children taken away from her? If a prosecutor argues that she, in a case of heinous murder, slaughter her baby with a coat hanger, will there be everywhere or even anywhere a jury of 12, fairly selected, that will ever agree?