Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hmm …

… A word to the wise: Why wisdom might be ripe for rediscovery - The Globe and Mail. (Hat tip, Dave Luul)

But what are the “domains of wisdom”? Alone and with colleagues, Dr. Jeste combed through wisdom about wisdom – ancient and modern texts, Eastern and Western texts, religious and scientific texts. When I asked what he had gleaned, he replied: “The concept of wisdom has stayed surprisingly similar across centuries and across geographic regions.” Again and again, modern scholarly definitions mention certain traits: compassion and prosocial attitudes that reflect concern for the common good; pragmatic knowledge of life; the use of one’s pragmatic knowledge to resolve personal and social problems; an ability to cope with ambiguity and uncertainty and to see multiple points of view; emotional stability and mastery of one’s feelings; a capacity for reflection and for dispassionate self-understanding.

Methinks, you have to have schools different from most of those that now claim to be such.

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