Friday, September 14, 2018

Not your usual book launch …

… friends and family honor Roger Forseth, who had something very important to teach: HAVE A THINK — Cassandra Csencsitz. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Little did I know that turning hundreds of pages of old printouts into new book form would take four years from the time of that email. It truly killed me not to have the published book in his hands when he passed away in December of 2016. I was able to show him our cover but the interior took another year+ to clean up as my mom, Dave and I vetted scanning errors, and I contended with the limitations of Word. The lessons for any aspiring bookmakers: 1) Sometimes it's easier to start from scratch than try shortcuts.  2) Never, ever design a book in Word.
But here's the fun part: as I started to re-read my grandpa's articles with an eye to the eventual book, I was astounded by the clarity of his insights, the beauty of his prose, and the breadth of his reading
Read the whole thing, and discover who the Dave she mentions is.

I just got the Kindle edition of the book.


  1. It's so good to finally see Dave.

  2. Dear Mr. Wilson,

    Thank you very much for this kind post and for getting my grandfather's book. I quite agree with your words on our Dave.

    With warm regards,
    Cassandra Csencsitz