Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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… The University Is Ripe for Replacement | Trending.

We should also consider that efforts to reform the university might only contribute to its endurance. It may conceivably permit a few reforms as a sop to its adversaries, but the situation will persist. After all, with the wavering exceptions of MBA programs and of STEM, the universities are no longer knowledge guilds, but self-regulating commercial and doctrinaire systems interested primarily in profit and social revisionism. They will double down to preserve their turf. The Academy is now enemy-occupied territory, defended by a formidable army of the ignorant, the corrupt, the vulgar and the perverse, and they are not about to surrender their sinecures.

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  1. Thank goodness we have the MBA programs to protect us from commercial and doctrinaire systems interested in profit. As for STEM, medicine is of course self-regulating to (the large) extent it can manage, and heaven help the science department that can't bring in funding.