Saturday, June 15, 2019

An adventure …

Walking up Ninth Street this morning to do some food shopping, I decided to detour over to Eighth because, as is often the case on Saturdays, the Italian Market was crowded as hell. Well, no sooner do I turn down Ellsworth Street than a rather formidable pit leaps at me in an attempt to bite my arm off. My reflexes remain sharp, and I zagged when he zigged, and he only got his teeth on my shirt sleeve, which got torn from cuff to shoulder. The people in charge of the dog were really upset and apologetic, but I put them at ease, explaining that it was an old shirt with frayed cuffs that I was planning to toss (all true). What interested me was that, as usual when in danger, I had no affect. I think this is a good trait, since emotion in such situations could prove counterproductive. It would certainly be of no use.  

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