Monday, June 03, 2019

In case you wondered …

… The American Scholar: Finding Your Voice — How Larry Woiwode discovered his when he stopped looking for it and learned instead to listen. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)
For a writer who constructs his or her style in such a way, however, that’s how it feels: constructed. The novelist Elmore Leonard once said in an interview, “I try not to use constructions that are obviously written constructions.” After a year or more of attempting to formulate a style, I realized the admonition to do so was as helpful as saying, “Develop an extra frontal lobe.” So I started to write and write, without focusing on creating a voice, and when I had what I felt was a story, I gave it to my favorite reader, soon to be my spouse, to read. Her name is Carole—her mother likely a fan of the movie star Lombard.

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