Sunday, October 27, 2019

I'm persuaded …

… In defense of Comic Sans - The Washington Post. (Hay tip, Dave Lull.)

I claim no expertise, but I am mindful of typefaces, especially when it comes to choosing type for my own books. Until recently, though, I had no notion that my own typeface of choice, Comic Sans, was déclassé, infra dig or in bad, make that execrable, taste. Now that I learn that I have been in wretched taste all these years, well, what the Helvetica, you could knock my serifs off, embolden my Bodoni, italicize me purple, I intend to do nothing about it.
I had never heard of Comic Sand until now. But from now on I will be using it whenever I can.

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  1. But think of the poor author at McSweeney's, who got there first and now learn that Epstein won't invite him to dinner.