Saturday, March 21, 2020

So good to know …

… 48% of Voters Believe Media Overhyped Coronavirus |

Nice that nearly half of us still have common sense. Nice also that a good many people are starting to see through these fifth-rate gas bags calling themselves journalists.


  1. Interesting set of stats that comes from: 89% Of Americans Approve Of President Trump’s Early Action To Ban Travel From China. I'm not sure how "panic" is defined for people in the survey, but as you know from our communication, I have never felt panic or "fear" per se. The idea is to be smart, and not overly casual so as to increase your chances of becoming a carrier. If you agree not to pass it on to D, I'll agree not to pass it onto M, which in turn increases their chances of sticking around a while longer.

    There is an anxiety that is taking place, that has more to do with changing lifestyles, social distancing, which is exacerbated by the uncertainty of becoming impoverished. That anxiety was express by Serena Williams. This sudden social distancing is like any change we experience, whether it be a new job, marriage, divorce, and so forth. An amount of anxiety sets in, to some more than others.

    The trick then is to ask, "What do you mean by media hype?" If a person is supportive of so many aspects that have been in the news, then what was it that was creating panic, other than a perception of what it means, maybe anxiety for changes to come. Or maybe, there is a sense that there was panic in others, and that this was exacerbated by media coverage, such that the perception of panic is overblown in people's opinions. I have not spoken with or communicated with anyone whom I would say is in a panic. Is that the missing question, "Are you panicking over this?" Here is what the study shows that voters approve of, "strongly" approve in parentheses:

    China Travel Ban 89% (73%)
    European Travel Ban 84% (61%)
    Encouraging Work From Home 89% (63%)
    Suspending Sports Events 75% (51%
    State Bans of Large Gatherings 81% (54%)
    Co-payment Waivers 90% (72%)
    Campus Closures 82% (57%)

    I can only listen to Newsmax or CNN or whathaveyou (or OANN) for brief periods. There is an agenda in these near-extreme approaches to look for agenda problems in others, like there is a competition to show how the other side is fake news, especially and very unfortunately among the outlets who we have started to call conservative. I can imagine that there might have been a story in which one news outlet was blaming another for creating a panic that was never created.

    Trump does this type of instigation, adds to this irrational diversion, with deciding to be the one person in the world to call the virus the Chinese virus, which goes back to when there was a conspiracy theory that the USA created a virus that would infect those with Chinese DNA, and dropped it there during a pandemic symposium last October. The scientific community decided on the name Covid-19, so why the agenda? Why the debate on a name when we have real news to talk about? Why have anything that could be construed as media hype, just for asking the president to cool it. Trump admits it has to do with a person in the Chinese government who inferred that it could have been bio-war on the part of the administration, so he knows what he is doing. He dreams and spins that there is a Democratic hoax, such that the Dems are siding with foreign powers if they disagree with his poor handling of pandemic. What Democratic hoax? Who? When? WTF?

    The smart thing to do, is to look to the technology reviews, and my favorite is MIT's Technology Review. What you get is scientific reviews of scientific studies, not filtered through conservative or liberal media slants. Also, there's the BMJ blog.

  2. Thank you Rus Bowden for pointing out that the smart thing to do is to look at scientific reviews of scientific studies.

  3. Do you have go-to scientific journals?

    What I favor is not only that a single-trial or single-study info is processed through a scientific view versus a political view, but that info from WHO and CDC is combined and filtered through current studies, such that an article can be a smart assessment of current data and conclusions.

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