Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Contemporary manners …

… This is social suicide, but OK, here goes | Judith Margolis Friedman | The Blogs.

… what do the more liberal among us call their secret Facebook group? Then it came to me — they just call it Facebook. And on Facebook, many of my liberal friends blast away without cause or concern that they are maligning unfairly people who they claim to love and respect. I have lost count as to how many real friends have posted “If you don’t agree with my political views, unfriend me.” Really? How tolerant of you. We’ve been friends for years, really? Your child played at my house countless times, really?


  1. Once I realized just how bad Trump would be as a president, I started speaking out on FB. In the beginning, lot's of people would come in and, as an argument to how bad Trump was, would say how bad Hillary would have been, or how bad Obama was, very little engaging on the topic of Trump's vileness or foolishness. I would call people on this, pointing out how I never once voted for Obama, for instance, and try to steer the conversation back to the topic at hand after this mindless distraction or full-fledged flame by some gaga Trump supporter. Sometimes, after 2016, I would add to the disruptor's flame, by pointing out that, he'll never get re-elected, the American people simply will not abide, and that the GOP needs to find another candidate for 2020, which is coming true. That said . . .

    A moderate, who has usually voted Republican and almost always registered Republican if not Independent, but willing to stray to someone with character and lucid plans to skin the cats at hand -- in my voting life, other than discovering that a FB friend was a hacker of some sort, I have only unfriended one person ever on FB, someone who would simply not stop hounding and insulting me -- just one, and I have the maximum 5,000 friends. I have, however, been unfriended by Trump spouters. Qualification: sometimes, I have wondered if they were trolls anyway, who had done their damage to constructive conversation or tried anyway.

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