Saturday, September 11, 2021

Madness or just plain corruption?

… The Madness of the Covidians | Wirkman Comment. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

What she sees in her hospital work is the normal COVID-19 symptoms in incoming patients and patients with symptoms (such as blood clotting; cardiac issues; cognitive problems; encephalitis; kidney issues) that she believes derive from the “vaccines.” But doctors shut her down mid-sentence when she makes the connection between the vaccine and the new patients. And there is no reporting to VAERS.


  1. Why do you suppose that so many health-care workers are rejecting the vaccines and even willing to resign their jobs?

    1. How many, actually? I'd appreciate some reliable facts, including percentages, location, age, reasons etc.

    2. Regarding Germany:,(9)%2C%20Table%201.

  2. Covid causes the blood clotting. It's more non-respiratory damage that has been found, such as heart damage, eye damage, brain damage, and so forth. Once again another reason to get vaccinated.

    And to respond to the comment just above, the vast majority of health care workers know they are overloaded with suffering and dying patients, and getting PTSD -- and also contracting Covid themselves -- because of the unvaccinated. A minority are buying into the misinformation.