Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Tracking the decline …

… Portland State philosophy prof quits in public letter calling the school a 'Social Justice factory' | Daily Mail Online.

'I witnessed students refusing to engage with different points of view. Questions from faculty at diversity trainings that challenged approved narratives were instantly dismissed. 

'Those who asked for evidence to justify new institutional policies were accused of microaggressions. And professors were accused of bigotry for assigning canonical texts written by philosophers who happened to have been European and male,' he wrote.

I the clowns running these places want to set up idiot centers they should do sho with their own money, not parents' money. 


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  2. Excuse me-actually you put a h in so.

  3. My hometown. Ugh. I read about this in two or three outlets today, but so far there's total silence on the story in our newspaper of record (The Oregonian). It's a shame. I wish the professor well, but what is PSU going to do without his voice of sanity?