Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Hmm …

… Bridgerton stylist, 53, WAS double-jabbed with no underlying conditions, confirm family | Daily Mail Online.

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  1. Sulieman Wazeerud-Din said it well, "No vaccine can stop a virus from getting into your body. It's supposed to stop the virus from doing damage when it gets inside your body. Look at it this way. If someone broke into your house, would you rather have a slingshot or an AK-47 and a bulletproof vest? Well, the vaccine is your bulletproof vest and your AK-47."

    Nor does the bullet proof vest and the AK-47 prevent being killed from an intruder. In this case, Marc Pilcher had no underlying medical conditions, his bullet proof vest, say, and call his vaccination his AK-47. But he still got killed. If I note that he was in his sixth decade, in such context, I take away from the fact that the virus can kill any demographic, so let's just say he was a 29-years-old ninja warrior. Fact remains that most people dying are unvaccinated, because they only have a slingshot, while most people are vaccinated.