Sunday, October 10, 2021

Much indeed in what he says …

World Renowned Psychiatrist: ‘Global Predators’ Fauci, Gates, and Schwab Behind the COVID ‘Reign of Terror’.

“How does it make sense that they’re absolutely ignoring that in America now, we have over 13,000 reports of death (to the CDC) from the vaccine, and no one is investigating it?” he asked.

Breggin pointed out that in past years, if there had been only 200 deaths from all of the vaccines put together, it would have been considered a catastrophe.

“Now we have a vaccine that has more deaths than every other vaccine all put together. So how can we ignore that?” he continued.

Meanwhile, Breggin noted, there there are highly inflated numbers of COVID deaths that have been falsified by manipulating the reporting mechanisms.


  1. We do not have 13,000 deaths from the vaccine. We may have 3, possibly, last I checked. That's a stat that a TV show mis-reported on some months back, and I see it still has legs. It comes from VAERS, where data is reported for researchers to look at and use. 13,000 deaths were reported to VAERS that followed the deceased getting vaccinated. Big big difference from asserting that the 13,000 deaths were caused by the vaccine. My father died in March of this year, following getting a vaccination, but, like far more than the 13K, one had nothing to do with the other.

  2. Always remember, according to Kommissar Fauci and the other virus panic folks, if you get shot and you tested positive for Covid in the last month, then you died of Covid: But if you get the vaccine and you die after, then the vaccine had nothing to do with it:

  3. That's not how it works, Wred. Indeed, the over 700,000 dead that John Hopkins and others have counted, are only part of the total deaths from Covid-19. Excess deaths figures show us that the number of US residents who have died because of Covid-19 is over a million. All this means is that many people who died from Covid-19, never got tested.

    "If you get the vaccine and you die after" -- as you put it -- it only mean that before you died, you got vaccinated like most of the adult population. People still die of other things besides Covid-19. With so many people getting vaccinated, some like my father, will die after getting the shot.