Tuesday, October 05, 2021

This may offend …

The Unbreakable Will of This Pennsylvania Town.

Ellis said what is most important to know is what happens after someone wins one of the guns in the raffle. “If it’s the pistol, they can’t be under 21,” he explained. “If they won the rifle or shotgun, they have to be 18, and then they have to fill out the federal 4473 form.”

If they pass the federal background check, they have to go through the Pennsylvania state background check as well. “So it’s a quite extensive process that they have to go through,” he said. “They’re not handed over to them like, ‘Hey, you won. Here is your gun.’ There’s a legal aspect to it that they have to go through first.”

After all, it's published by something called American Greatness, and that can't be good, right? And the people involved are obviously not woke, and don't necessarily believe whatever the "authorities" tell them. Got to be careful of those.


  1. Zito has been great since the '16 election. She has profiled a bunch of small, rust-belt towns. - Barry

  2. 'American Greatness': the name suggests an agenda, which is not offensive but simply one-sided. Americans have been taught for far too long the myth of their greatness. I object to propaganda in all its forms. It seems to me that the person who is offended here is you.