Saturday, June 11, 2022

Be careful who you pick a fight with …

…There may be more of them than you think:  The Left’s War on Christianity and Nationalism.

And some of us like to fight.


  1. I am extremely grateful for the personal and professional way in which my concerns were addressed by the editorial team. I feel the reviewer was fully invested in the suspense and emotions of my book. ... I am proud to post this review and recommend to all my writer and book-lover friends. Thank you so much.

  2. This "Left" is comprised mostly of white Christians who love their country, and I should note that at least one, Nancy Pelosi, was mentioned in the article. Would anyone argue that she is not on the fair-complected side, a practicing Christian, and one who loves her country and flag?

    The article shifts "nationalism" away from its hateful use of excluding people of color to some "old" definition of just loving country. And so it shifts the idea of White Christian Nationalists from the racists who would like to make this a white Christian nation, which appeals in large part a subset of Republican voters. Actual nationalism is very European. It's about Poland remaining Polish, Ukraine remaining Ukrainian, and so forth. We do not have a national language, culture, genetics, and such. In this nationalistic sense, the USA is made up of all nations.

    The problem I have, being a Christian, is that White Christian Nationalists have been pushing very anti-Christian laws and policies, such as in not welcoming with love the sojourners who come to this country, especially those from other American countries. How about a little American Nationalism here, or Continentalism as it were, favoring others on our own continents? You cannot get any less Christian, any more evil than to build a wall to keep asylum seekers, refugees or any migrants out. Seems like Christians are forever needing to relearn from Good Samaritans. What's the new Law Jesus gave us?