Thursday, June 02, 2022

Appreciation …

… Celebrating William F. Buckley | FrontpageMag. (Hat tip, tip, Dave Lull.)

It’s interesting to note that several of these men, although diametrically at odds with Buckley on almost all political issues, were far from being his enemies. Macdonald was a yachting chum. Mailer was a pal. And Galbraith, despite the brickbats they frequently hurled at each other min print, was a man for whom Buckley felt immense affection. These ties of amity can seem baffling, to say the least. Mailer, after all, admired Castro, while Galbraith esteemed Mao - views that, one would expect, could not have filled Buckley with anything other than outrage. How, then, to explain these friendships? 

I met Bill a number of times, long after I turned 9. I once had dinner with him. The explanation is that he was one of the most perfect gentlemen I have ever know. I learned  much from him about how you go about being a gentleman.

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