Sunday, June 12, 2022


… Los Angeles high school sued by Jewish parent for its 'racially divisive, anti-Semitic' curriculum | Daily Mail Online.
I can’t be the only person who is worried about the anti-Semitism on the left. The same people who accuse others of being Nazis seem to have adopted one of the real Nazis’ characteristic traits. And I’m supposed to trust them? Screwez-vous I say.


  1. The complaining parent is Jerome Eisenberg, convicted an imprisoned for mail fraud.

    The article ends quoting a school spokesperson:

    'The allegations contained in the complaint are baseless, a work of whole fiction and nothing more than a desperate attempt to embarrass the school.

    'The plaintiff's arguments are unsupported by actual facts and we look forward to proving that in court.'

    Is Eisenberg a poster boy for The Right? Is this image management? Will the Nazis who vote GOP ultimately approve?

    I believe too that I have noted the idiocy of using the term Woke in a negative way. Woke would mean eyes open and aware. It's only used by those who like being in the new Right, where everyone who disagrees with the Asleep, are termed as comprising The Left. It's a private language that looks silly objectively, designed to attract the gullible who like calling people names.

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Maybe we should wait and see what the outcome of the suit before we prejudge. Even a criminal may have a case about his kids. I am a political agnostic, probably because I’ve known politicians up close and personal. I’ve actually liked some of them. But I am not an ideologue. I do think in categoristic term. I am trained in existential phenomenolgy. It’s really useful in thinking.

    2. If you look at those flow charts, there's nothing bad about them in and of themselves. But then you get into how people are wired, like where they might be on an autism spectrum, how capable they are of going through the charted progression without being high functioning. Some people never get beyond concrete operational thinking. What happens to them in such a formal operationally challenging system? But there's too much digression in thinking their programs through based in just the chart. And it does not address why Eisenberg had such an argument with the school. Where's this racial divide that Eisenberg wants to prove?