Friday, July 15, 2022

Down-to-earth thinker …

… Work Hard and Read Hoffer - Econlib. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

I remember how scornful I felt when I first Marx’s description of the worker’s attitude toward work in a capitalist society. The worker, he said, feels physically and morally debated by his work. He is like an exile in his place of work and feels at home only when away from is job. Marx never did a day’s work in his life, and never took the trouble to find out how a worker reply feels when on the job. He naturally assumed that works were a lesser breed of intellectuals.

I saw the two interviews Eric Severeid did of Hoffer. They had an immense influence on how I think. I should re-read him.


  1. Should "physically and orally debated" read "physically and morally degraded"?

    1. Anonymous9:26 PM

      "physically and morally debased" Hoffer, In Our Time, p. 18