Monday, January 22, 2024

He wasn’t cast as Meathead without reason …

… This Hollywood director just condemned Christians with one insane message that will leave you seeing red - Conservative Underground News.

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  1. Here's a poll that shows that Republicans do not have a lock on people who call themselves Christian, and that Meathead is in the minority of any party. Attacking Christians is attacking Democrats and Independents too:

    Pew Research Center: Christians by political party

    85% of Republicans declare as Christians, 65% of those who lean neither way are, and 63% of Democrats are Christian.

    What’s not on the graph is that 70.6% of the sample were Christian. Of those, 25.4% were Evangelicals (which is 36.0% of the Christians) and 20.8% were Catholic (or 29,5% of the Christians).

    I don’t see a breakdown, but my hunch is that these 2 largest Christian denominations may lean Republican, because of their teachings about abortion and the border with Mexico, although Catholic Charities breaks with the politics of Republican Catholics, in order to be more welcoming and humane to refugee and asylum families. They are nonpolitical in their service.

    If that is so, then the other Christians would be more heavily leaning toward Democrat. Indeed if Evangelicals and Catholics make up 65.5% of all Christians polled, many of them break with their Church’s teachings to lean Democrat.