Thursday, April 25, 2024

I should think not …

… This strong evidence of the link between covid vaccines and cancer can no longer be ignored - The Conservative Woman.

I didn’t get the vaccine. My cardiologist agreed. I am in the top 1 percent of the population to die of a heart attack. I also got tested for Covid frequently, since I couldn’t visit Debbie without being tested. Always negative. I have a good immune system.

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  1. Someone deleted my response. I'll post this informative link again: COVID-19 Vaccines and People with Cancer.

    The answer is that because cancer patients' immune systems are down, they most definitely should get the shot.

    The exception: "For patients who have just had a stem cell transplant or received CAR T-cell therapy, who are typically receiving immunosuppressive therapy, we continue to recommend that they delay COVID-19 vaccination (or revaccination as is recommended for patients undergoing these therapies) until at least 3 months after they’ve completed treatment. That’s based on data that [other] vaccines have had limited efficacy during periods when these patients are their most immunosuppressed."

    But then, they should get the shot. People will die if this information is not specified.