Friday, December 09, 2005

Fashion progress ...

As you can see, the headwear I modelled just the other day is already catching on in the news room. Further evidence may be seen here.

Yours truly, of course, has already moved on to a grander design.
(Thanks to Ted Adams at Heudnsk Log.)


  1. That's fashion: you always have to be two steps ahead when everyone else takes up your old style!

  2. Geez warn a guy will ya there may be kids in the room :)

  3. You like pomes, don't you, Frank? Here's a pome for Frank:

    What is that thing on Frankie's bean?
    The oddest thing I've ever seen.
    His head seems wrapped in metal foil,
    The better during lit'ry toil
    To ward off beams from alien spies?
    Or rather, pr'aps, from like-minded guys
    To receive the beat of a different drum
    And march on his own till Kingdom Come?

  4. Well, well, well -- and this is a guy who says he doesn't appreciate poetry. Pretty good, Melville. And so-called light verse is actually hard to write. I wrote some for the paper earlier this year in honor of the Royal wedding (I was asked to, believe it or not!). You've inspired me to post it.

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