Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How about this list?

Pamela Norris's top 10 passionate women writers. (Hat tip, Rus Bowden.)


  1. The most recent entry is Sylvia Plath. I wonder what Noris thinks of Margaret Atwood or AS Byatt?

  2. I would not call Atwood passionate!

    This is a weird list as they all are -- Charlotte Bronte is on it, but why on earth not Emily and Anne? George Eliot? And I would not call Jane Austen obviously "passionate" -- she writes about some characters who are passionate but I would not call her a passionate writer, rather restrained.
    And Colette? Isabelle Allende (before I stopped reading her). There must be thousands of passionate writers, I think this list is sillier than most. Sorry to be so blunt. If I were the Grumpy OB I would make some intelligent comment about people with English degrees (as the author of the Guardian article has one), but I am not so I will just say that I think the list is silly.

  3. I too thought it was an awfully silly list! And I have an English degree, so it is not that....

  4. I am sure the GOB would make an honourable exception in your case, Jenny! Positive in fact.
    And I am not sure I agree with him anyway, but I understand where his cynicism is coming from: in his case it is well earned.