Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some Inquirer book reviews ...

Roger Miller looks at 'Peyton Place': Still a good yarn .

Desmond Ryan likes Max Hastings's Warriers: Portraits of wartime valor examine the befores and afters .

Marc Schogol warns readers about Richard Montanari's The Skin Gods: A Philadelphia psycho, splicing gore into film classics .

Brother Edward Sheehy finds Tom Chaffin's Sea of Gray interesting: The Rebel ship that put a postscript to the Civil War.

Also, Dawn Fallik talks to graphic novelist Alison Bechdel: A graphic artist draws on bruising memories of family


  1. Is it me, or does the Inquirer have more book reviews than most newspapers of the same size? Not that I'm complaining!

  2. Thanks for the Fun Home link--I really, really loved that book....

  3. No it's not you, Laurie. The Inquirer does review more books than most papers. A lot of people don't realize that, because we don't have a separate book section. But we make better use of our space, I think, and use a lot of it for book reviews.