Friday, October 13, 2006

Hey, kids ...

... and teachers ... and parents ... and others, take a look at The Guerrilla Season Book Blog .

(More full disclosure: Author Pat Hughes is a former colleague of mine. No need to hold that against her, though.)

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  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Full disclosure, this is Frank's former colleague, aka the author of "Guerrilla Season" writing to say a few words about this innovative project.

    Eric Langhorst is a Missouri educator who's doing pioneering work in using technology in teaching. Fortunately for me, he really loves "Guerrilla Season," my first novel, and hatched a plan to use the WWW to foster discussions not only with all 300 8th graders at his middle school who will soon be reading it, but also with other interested classes and individuals anywhere. As "Guerrilla Season" is a Civil War novel, I think it's very cool that we already have schools in Union, Confederate, and Border states involved. Should make for some interesting discussions.

    Via the blog, I'll answer students' questions and participate in discussions with them. Eric has also been taping podcasts with me. (As a "digital immigrant" -- a term I learned from Eric -- I barely even knew what a podcast was before we started taping them.)

    In addition to these elements, Eric's plans include online quizzes about the book's content and creative projects.

    Eric has achieved national prominence in the Ed Tech (or is it Tech Ed?) field, but since he's a modest Nebraskan and all around great guy, he doesn't like to talk about himself. So if you want to read about his achievements in the field (including awards from Microsoft and grants from Sprint, like the one that's financing this project), go to my Web site, where I brag on him plenty!

    There you can also read more about "Guerrilla Season," a story about guerrilla warfare in Civil War Missouri that is as relevant today as the war in Iraq.

    Thanks, Frank, for the blog link!