Monday, October 23, 2006

I have just finished reading ...

... Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion - it got better toward the end - and must spend tomorrow reviewing it, along with Owen Gingerich's God's Universe and Francis Collins's The Language of God. So that's it for tonight.


  1. Andrew7:09 AM

    How aboout the Richard Dawkins Delusion? Nobody read him and he'll cease to exist. Those who claim to have experienced the reality of Dawkins can be termed delusional wish-fulfilment mystics.

  2. Andrew, ignoring something you don't like doesn't make it magically disappear. That's called wishful thinking, though if you have managed to cause something to "cease to exist" simply by ignoring it I'd be interested to hear more. There are a few things I'd like to magically disappear, my bills for example.

  3. Frank, I can't wait to hear your take on this fascinating subject.

  4. Andrew1:36 PM

    That was my point regarding God, Enlightenment or wahtever you want to call it, Noel. Sadly, no help this end regarding the bills. Though perhaps in court you could argue that because of the nature of perception and reality, the self insofar as it exists is in a constant state of flux, and hence the person who incurred the bills no longer exists. It's worth a try.

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