Sunday, December 17, 2006

Today's Inquirer reviews ....

... include these ...

Glenn Altschuler pays a visit to Richard Burgin's Conference on Beautiful Moments: From interior monologues to exquisite, aching stories.

Bernhardt Blumenthal discovers heroism in Villa Air-Bel: In Europe's darkest time, they were unlikely heroes.

I was very much taken with Michael Creagan's True Love and Other Poems: Mining medicine, striking upon beauty.

Carlin Romano waxes eloquent over a newly published work co-authored by Primo Levi: Primo Levi's 'Auschwitz Report' to his liberators

Elizabeth Fox is mostly underwhelmed by Eric Van Lustbader's The Testament: A 'Da Vinci' copycat falls flat on plot.

Sandy Bauers listens to Carl Hiaasen and Diane Setterfield: A female narrator cranks up Hiaasen's collection of crazies.


  1. And Michael Creagan's poems, "Hotel,”
    "Looking for Metaphors in the Mountains," and "Taking a walk on Sunday," can be found here.