Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Here's another

... Warning to Other Writers About Using Blogger .


  1. I think it is a bit of a rant to be honest. I know what he means, it is a limitation of Blogger and indeed Wordpress, that it can only recognise you as one person even if you want to be different people on different blogs.
    Both these blog platforms are free, and I suppose there is a reasonable limit to what level of sophistication you can expect of a system that isn't costing you anything.
    As someone points out in his comments, there are systems that let you do this, apparently. (one is suggested). I don't know whether you have to pay or not. (Come to think of it, Debra Hamel's daughter has a blog on their Typepad system, which is a paid-for system, but Rebecca's posts are in Debra's name, so it seems to be a general limitation of blog software).
    Personally, I think there are other things more worth getting upset about than this.

  2. Maxine,

    I am more than upset. I'm beside myself infuriated, and insulted by the Blogger people.

    Through the conversion program, they revealed my pseudonym. I had both identities with the old blogger. Just because something is free, does not mean it can be used to insult people or cause them hardship--or put them at risk.

    If I want to put myself at risk, that is up to me only, not up to anyone who does anything for me for free. I mentioned in what you call my rant that I would have been willing to pay, which is what Blogger is setting people up for.

    I am infuriated, and rightly so. How dare they! How dare they!! What's not right is not right whether it is free or not! Rant? And the fact that they take only a cursory and tardy look at what is being communicated makes matter worse. That organization is a joke.

    How can I communicate this without your thinking this is a rant? What would you do if it happened to you?

    I'll go a step further, and let anyone else know here, what I will not post there: that all my Bud Bloom posts before the conversion are now under Rus Bowden. I never [posted them as Rus Bowden. My choice was to post them as Bud Bloom. I had to create a new Bud Bloom and post recently just to cover up the identity. But most of my activity at Bud Bloom, is people looking up info that old posts contain.