Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I had a jam-packed day ...

... and while I intended to blog a bit tonight, I wrote a letter to a friend instead - quite simply because my friend is far more important to me than my blog. Back tomorrow.


  1. Your Blog8:37 AM

    Thanks a lot. My creator couldn't give a toss. Does this mirror your vision of the cosmos?

  2. Dear Blog,
    I didn't say I didn't give a toss. You are but an extension of me. To place you before my friend would be the merest selfishness. Is that the kind of creator you'd want?

  3. Your blog12:42 PM

    It's too late now, Frank. At the very least I'd appreciate a creator who showed some tact.

  4. Tact isn't high on the list of most creators' abilities == the ones I know, anyway.

    Glad to see you have your priorities right, Frank, your friend will appreciate or has appreciated your action. You show that Blog who is making the decisions here.

  5. your blog2:34 PM

    What's this- Good Cop Bad Cop? I thought I was getting some sympathy there for a moment.