Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... yes, this will continue to be feature of this blog.

... Carlin Romano really doesn't like John Edgar Wideman's latest: Too little bio, and too much stale racial rage.

... but Mary Dixie Carter is impressed by a new biography of Ezra Pound: Irritating, captivating, quirky Pound. (Funny, I knew Pound had gone to Penn, but I hadn't realized he grew up in Wyndmoor, just outside Philly.)

... Vernon Clark likewise is impressed by Major Jackson's Hoops: Poetic nuances of Phila. (I regard this as one of my more inspired assignments: Vernon is a reporter who knows the city as well as anybody.

... Jesse Freedman is not altogether happy with Eric G.Wilson's Against Happiness: Celebrating melancholy, the essential artist's muse .

... but Katie Goldstein rather likes Arturo Pérez-Reverte's latest: Photographer becomes subject.


  1. Susan Balée1:28 PM

    Ezra Pound did not grow up in Wyndmoor, but WynCOTE. His house is one block from mine, on Fernbrook Avenue. Have I never shown it to you? I can see the tip of his roof from my house (here on Cliff Terrace, we're at the bottom of a cliff -- it used to be a quarry here). My husband and I often muse on the fact that Ezra, as a teen, would have watched our house being built in 1898. Indeed, it must have been noisy from his perspective.

    H.D. lived a couple of miles away from here and they, too, were friends, then met William Carlos Williams at Penn (where he was studying medicine).

  2. Oops. Sorry about that, Susan, and no, you've never shown it to me. H.D.'s family, I thought, moved to Upper Darby when her father became astronomy professor at Penn. She went to Friends Central