Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The future of newspapers (cont'd.) ...

... what's left of it: Newspaper Publishers Are Idiots. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Dave also sends along this sobering compendium: themediaisdying.


  1. Themediaisdying? Soaregrammar.

  2. Grammer ain't dead yet and I can proof it.

    I got allot of students in my university classrooms that still no how to right a real good sentence. I see them sentences every day in there assignments. So, the media may be on their way into oblivion, but swell righting is live and well on American campuses.

    By the way, I teach literature (usually with my tongue wedged firmly into my cheek) but I don't often teach English composition (and apparently there aren't many around who do).

  3. Well, it is Twitter, Roger. Actually, I'm afraid more and more people are regarding it as acollective noun and referring to it the singular. It happens.