Saturday, May 23, 2009

A free press ...

... is so important to democracy: DOJ, to Newspaper: Shape Up, or Ship Out.

Of course, if the government helps bail out the newspaper industry, we won't have anything to worry about, right?


  1. So, let me get this straight:"The DOJ [with its many political appointments and their partisan loyalities. . . ] is dissatisfied with the editorial quality of one of the papers, the Daily Mail." Yikes! That, my dear friend, causes a terrifying chill to pass through my libertarian (dare I say anarchist) consciousness. Please, though, do not contact the DOJ and mention that I used the words "libertarian" and "anarchist" out loud. I should have kept those words to myself as the folks at DOJ might be dissatisfied with the "editorial quality" of my thoughts and political philosophy. To paraphrase Tiny Tim in Dickens' tale, "Good help us, everyone!"

  2. Of course, I meant to say at the end, "God help us, everyone!" However, the malaprop may carry with it additional meaning that I had not intended.