Saturday, May 23, 2009

He's better than that ...

... Why Donald Duck Is the Jerry Lewis of Germany. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

When I was little kid, I loved the Donald Duck comics. Mickey Mouse was usually solving a crime, but Donald and his nephews were usually off on an adventure - something to do with the Vikings or a search the seven cities of Cibola.

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  1. Didn't Disney produce a cartoon in the 40s in which Donald Duck appeared as a Hitler-type character? I wonder if the Germans warmly embrace that particular episode in Donald's decades of appearances on film.

    As for myself, I remember being a small kid and hanging out at McKeesport's (PA) 5-and-10 cent store's magazine rack while my parents went about their downtown shopping, and much of my time was devoted to catching up on Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse comic books (which I could not buy since my parental controlled allowance did not allow for such extravagances, and I am now surprised as I think back on it that the store clerks were so tolerant of my prolonged and my response to their questions: "No, thank you, ma'am, I'm just looking and waiting for my parents").