Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alleluia ...

... Latin Mass Appeal. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

... Bugnini may have finally met his match in Benedict XVI, a noted liturgist himself who is no fan of the past 40 years of change. Chanting Latin, wearing antique vestments and distributing comnion only on the tongues (rather than into the hands) of kneeling Catholics, Benedict has slowly reversed the innovations of his predecessors. And the Latin Mass is back, at least on a limited basis, in places like Arlington, Va., where one in five parishes offer the old liturgy.

Benedict understands that his younger priests and seminarians — most born after Vatican II — are helping lead a counterrevolution. They value the beauty of the solemn high Mass and its accompanying chant, incense and ceremony. Priests in cassocks and sisters in habits are again common; traditionalist societies like the Institute of Christ the King are expanding.

One of those younger priests is Father Gerald Carey, the pastor of my parish, St. Paul's. Every Sunday at noon the traditional Latin Mass is celebrated there, and celebrated with precision.

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