Saturday, June 05, 2010

For my dear friend ...

... Judith.


  1. *sigh* - I love Jacques.

  2. Me, too. I have the DVD of his last concert in Paris. He didn't sing his songs. He inhabited them. Utterly unique. I listen to him, even though my French is rudimentary (I studied German), to hear how words can be music.

  3. Yes, I've always felt that he was closer to an actor than a singer... and then - an excellent actor. Seeing him perform is as important as hearing him.

    My french is almost non-existent but emotion is languageless. (Maybe, maybe... the cousin of that might be "language is emotionless". Which *is* true at a certain level.)

    I'm waffling when I could be listening to JB.

  4. Thanks for sharing this one, Frank. I remember being particularly drawn to Brel by the musical revue, JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN PARIS, which was a recording I owned and played over-and-over again forty years ago. My unsophisticated musical tastes nevertheless recognized something important and worthwhile in Brel's music and the musical revue. Ah, could I only turn back the calendar to those long lost days (and nights) of innocence, simple pleasures, and my simple stereo system on which I wore out the LP.

  5. Ah, Frank, M'Darlin' Dear One, you know exactly what I need to hear and why, sky-high, no-sigh, all-clear cry. Lovely, just lovely.

    Very cool to see friends, deemikay and R.T., groovin', two :) . . .

    What a gorgeous and magical and indescribably shattering experience, this amazing artist extraordinaire who left us too soon but who shall always live here (and there, there). I send a return of tidings to you, mon ami.

    Love, Jf/ox