Friday, August 06, 2010

For all you hockey fans ...

... The Hockey Sweater – All Things Hockey.

I'm not terribly into hockey -- Philly didn't have a team when I was growing up -- but Judith is a passionate fan.

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  1. M'Dear Friend 'n' Partner in Charms, Frank "The Thrill Quill" Wilson:

    Howzit with all 'n' each BITE-Delighter contribuwriter?

    Thank you so much for mentioning our new addition to intelligent hockey commentaria (a.k.a. The Hockey Sweater), soon to be the best hockey 'site in the galaxy, at least, primarily because it's the thinking person's go-to hockey talk-and-flock destination from the mother nation.

    Your endorsement means the world to us (and, I am just the HABBIEST dame in the schtick-handlin' game).

    Smooooooooch to all (and, especially big hugs to L. Lee, Deb, all fams, and My Fave Owl, Dave).

    Truly hope each of yours goes even half as divinely fine as you, Frank, have just made mine.

    Your shameless FANATIC on a stick-kick, J-FOX (my Hockey Dame Name)