Saturday, August 07, 2010

Making the visible possible ...

... `Maintained in Being'. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

More on Helen Pinkerton: After 50 Years' Cultivation, a Harvest of Poetry.

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  1. I'm perhaps the only journalist to interview Helen Pinkerton, a poet of the Yvor Winters circle at Stanford, the so-called "Stanford school of poets" (I say "so-called," because they all eschew the title, though it's a surprisingly cohesive network, as poetic "schools" go), a group that included J.V. Cunningham, Edgar Bowers, Turner Cassity, Janet Lewis, Thom Gunn, and many others.

    My article is online here:

    Another article about Helen, now in her 80s, called "The Realism of Helen Pinkerton," is also online. There may be some material at the ablemuse site, for those who want to dig deeper.