Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My latest column ...

... The political class thinks of itself as the ruling class.

In the meantime, take a look at your tax dollars at work. Note that this bill was supposed to stimulate the economy, which it obviously has not done. And small wonder. This is the usual pork-barrel crap that seems about the only thing our Congressional doofuses are able to manage.


  1. Thank you, Frank, for giving me some important insight. Based on your analysis, I am now tempted to become a government unto myself. Then, if my credit card debt becomes excessive, I will simply acquire more credit cards. If I cannot pay my mortgage, I will default and make my neighbors pay it. When my income remains insufficient to pay for my family’s basic needs, I will hold a gun to my employer’s head (always referring to my gun as a powerful force with whom there can be no argument), and I will demand (and get) more income. Then, if my family complains selfishly about our reduced standard of living because of the debts, I will remind them that I am in charge, I know what is best (i.e., father knows best), and I am someone with whom they are forever bound because they are dependent upon me for everything. Yes, I will become a government! (Note: I will not need a written document as authority for anything that I do because I will–in my hubris–make it up as I go along because, as I will remind my family, I am the government, and that assertion of status is the only authority that I need!)

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