Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Shelley said...

Apologies for visiting twice in one week, but it might be a good time for us to do some Paul Revere-ing on the Internet–today the FCC is passing down the first of the Net Neutrality rulings. Al Franken on HuffPo (scroll down middle column there) says we should be outraged, and he doesn’t usually exaggerate. The Internet should not be headed toward corporate blogs buying the fast lane and the rest of us stuck in slow.

Not sure where to make our voice heard, by emailing the White House or maybe the FCC page with How To Make ECFS Express Comments? It might be good if non-corporate websites had a community way for us to alert each other when something important like this comes up. Please consider passing it on.

I don't know about Al Franken not being given to exaggeration, but I'm glad to hear he objects, and glad to know that he and I finally agree on something. I don't know if the FCC or the White House would heed any comments, however many and however negative, because both think they know better. I would suggest getting in touch with one's Congressman (though mine is a buffoon) or senators. See also Hands off tomorrow's Internet.

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