Friday, August 12, 2011

The Nothing strikes again ...

... Wow. Oh wow. Slash-and-burn time at The Washington Post Book World | The Book Haven.

(Those familiar with The Neverending Story will recognize the "Nothing" reference.

Meanwhile, Cynthia has more on the Camus and the KGB: Nobel prizewinner Albert Camus – snuffed by the KGB?

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  1. As to Camus, I don't know. I noticed a copy of Koestler's The Age of Longing, read years ago and since lost, on the outside carts at Second Story Books Wednesday, at which time it occurred to me that one of the characters must be based on Camus.

    As to The Washington Post, you had me worried until I saw the time on the posting. Yes, it is a pity to see the old section go.