Sunday, November 11, 2012

Conflicts …

… Gay marriage post led to firing, book blogger for conservative magazine says | New York Daily News.

… from David:  Statement on my firing.

… from John Podhoretz: A Note.

For what it's worth, I didn't link to David's original post because I took it to be political commentary, which I usually try to avoid here. But I have to say it struck me as thoughtful and well worth pondering. (I think politics, politicians, and government should stay out of marriage, period. After all, what does President Obama's recent conversion to the cause of gay marriage mean? Nothing. He's not going to push for a federal statute in support of it. And leaving it up to the states only moves him to where Dick Cheney's been for years.)
But David removed the post in a timely fashion, and Podhoretz's action seems unduly hasty and smacks, whether he likes it or not, of intolerance. The fact is, David's commentaries, whether you agree with them or not, are always worth your time, I think. Ed Champion might not agree, but it was Ed who brought this to my attention, and like me, Ed does not approve of David's being fired. This could have been handled differently and better.

The intrepid Dave Lull also alerted me to this, of course.


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  2. In my view, one lesson that the Republican party ought to learn from this election is that there is a vast swathe of people who are conservative on fiscal matters, abortion, the role of God and are yet willing to allow gay people to have healthy marriages. In fact, strictly speaking, that would be a conservative position in spirit.