Friday, June 27, 2014

Tracking the decline …

… beyond eastrod: Cursive writing disappears from curricula -- the liberal progressive drumbeat gets more persistent -- and I need to reread George Orwell's cautionary tale . . .

Cursive script is something everyone should learn simply because it is an age-old practice that anyone can do half decently if taught properly. However ugly, one's signature is one's own. I have a rather good hand when I sit down and write seriously, though I scribble hastily a lot these days. My mother won a penmanship contest in grade school — statewide, I believe — and she taught me how to write. The nuns simply reinforced what I already knew.
I think there will be greater and greater competition mounted against the educational establishment, and that you are simply going to find a good number of people who have actually been educated and not simply trained. Such people have an advantage.

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  1. I hope you are correct that education will trump training, but I am very concerned.