Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It IS all about the little things...

No matter why...
When you’re a complete and utter failure of a human being like me, you learn that it’s the little things in life that actually matter. 
The sound of rain, the warmth of sunlight on my face, the crisp feel of the morning paper in my hands—these are all things I’ve come to truly cherish because I’ve achieved absolutely nothing of real significance that could bring me any joy. 
It’s a total cliché, I know. But when you reach a certain age, and success in any form continues to elude you, you start to realize that some of those clichés are true. Most of the time, we move too fast to even notice the special little moments that surround us at all times, from the simple pleasures of gazing up at a starry sky to the scent of freshly cut grass, but when you literally have no job or loved one to return to, you begin to realize just how wonderful these things are. 
So, now I make sure to stop and smell those roses whenever I can and enjoy them for what they are: a momentary distraction from the suffocating reality that literally all of my dreams have gone unrealized.
From the Onion


  1. Yes, the little things do matter, but why all the gut-spilling pathos and psycho-babble self-abuse in order to make that point? Has journalism really become that kind of woe-is-me navel-gazing desperation? I know that I come off as a nattering nabob of negativity most of the time lately, but this guy wins the prize for sour grapes narcissism. Perhaps I am being too critical. I guess I need to go out and enjoy some of the little things.

  2. R.T. my dear, the Onion is a satirical website. It's meant to make you laugh as a parody, not get upset as a reality.