Monday, February 29, 2016

Sketching life...update...

A few weeks ago I wrote on Books Inq. here about a project I was engaged in that had the potential of helping thousands.  I'm done with the first step, filing a Complaint to attempt to lift the state's misguided ban on necessary medical help for trans people who are Medicaid eligible.  These are among the neediest people you could ever meet (if you could stand to look at them) through no fault of their own, but who have been cursed with a brain anatomy that is at odds with their body, a condition that most of society deems shameful and sinful.  As noted in an article last week on the case, the governor agrees with our suit:
"The Pa. Code precludes coverage through Medicaid for gender confirmation medical care and surgical procedures. Governor Wolf believes this is wrong," Wolf spokesman Jeffrey Sheridan said in a prepared statement. "Pennsylvania should not discriminate against any individual based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression."



  1. People who need medical care should get it, period.

  2. Frank, you are amazing and thank you!!